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Corporate consultancy

Our Financial experts can provide you with broad support for corporate finance with tailor-made advice.

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Commercial advice from Newtone

Commercial advice from a business economist is essential at important moments for you as an entrepreneur or investor. With tailor-made advice, the specialists at Newtone can support you in all aspects of corporate finance. Examples include preparation for a sale of your company, employee participation, preparation of a budget, investment decisions, due diligence and other financial issues.

What is my business worth?

A business valuation (business valuation advice) is essential on the occasion of one of the most important events for entrepreneurs: the transfer of their company. The key point in this context is the value of your business. Do you ever wonder: ‘What is my business worth?’ and ‘How is the value of a business determined?’ Newtone helps entrepreneurs answer these questions, and goes beyond that by actively discussing how your company’s value can be enhanced.

Business valuation advice can be provided when the company is sold. However, it is preferable to carry out the business valuation a few years earlier, so that you know well in advance which factors are capable of improvement so as to increase your company’s value.

We can also support you as a specialist in relation to business succession, employee participation, commercial advice, acquisitions or divorce. If you want to know more about the costs of business valuation and the valuation of your business, Newtone will be happy to help, also as a certified valuator.

Value Based Management

How is the value of a business determined and enhanced? Value Based Management helps you take a targeted look at ways to increase your company’s value. What do you want to achieve with your company in due course? Where are you now, and what needs to happen in order for you to achieve your objective?

We will perform an initial scan to determine your company’s current position. Using that analysis, we will provide you with various suggestions for increasing the value of your business. These will help you take well-considered steps to enhance the value of your company. If want us to provide a more in-depth analysis, we will be happy to do so.

Employee participation

An increasing number of companies offer an employee participation plan. Employee participation often revolves around the most (tax) efficient way in which employees can participate. Another essential point is often overlooked: does the potential participant effectively add value to the organisation, and can the employee help the organisation along? In other words, will it add to the value of the business?

Newtone provides tailor-made advice on employee participation plans, concerning the valuation issues as well as the funding of the participation. The team looks beyond the tax issues and also examines whether the employee participation plan would entail an unintended benefit for the employee from the employer.

Investment decisions

Major investment decisions may have considerable impact on your business. It is therefore important to have a proper understanding of the extent of the risks and the expected return on the investments relative to the company as a whole. Our team of specialists can help you calculate the effects of various scenarios, identify the risks associated with the expected returns, or interpret the figures and outcomes.

Budget preparation

By preparing a budget, you will have and maintain a clear overview of your objectives. It helps you respond to unexpected setbacks, or indeed windfalls, in good time. Our specialists can assist you with the budgeting process and with the actual preparation of the budget.

Management reports

Proper management reports clearly present the key variables that determine the company’s value, which means that you can expressly address these variables with the aim to enhance your company’s value (management forecasts being a case in point). Our specialists devote particular attention to developing business-specific key financials so as to customise the management report.

Liquidity forecasts

Liquidity forecasts are important in order to gain an understanding of cash flow fluctuations during a particular period, or in order to obtain credit. Based on monthly management reports, management forecasts and the budget, a forecast is prepared of the expected cash flows during a particular period, usually the next 12 months. This forecast can be used for the purpose of obtaining credit, or providing credit to (potential) buyers.

Corporate finance

Newtone can assist you with regard to all aspects of corporate finance, for instance in determining interest rates, pricing options or other financial derivatives and optimising the financing structure. If you have a (corporate finance) question not mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

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