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The professional

Only by taking a different angle do you find different solutions.

Newtone for the professional

While we have traditionally provided entrepreneurs – Directors and Major Shareholders (DMSs) and their companies – with a comprehensive range of services, from accountancy to consultancy, a large and growing group of clients from the Dutch top 500 has joined our client base in the last 25 years.

What kind of professionals?

These include listed companies, state-owned companies, semi-public bodies, cooperatives and companies owned by large private equity/family firms, as well as large companies with one or more DMSs. In these situations, our client is not the ‘shareholder’ (DMS or investor) but the ‘professional’, such as the CEO, CFO, financial director, tax manager, HR director, etc.

Apart from performing systematic and independent reviews (assurance) for these companies, we often assist the professionals in specialist areas (such as Financial Advisory, Payroll Tax, VAT, Risk Management and Legal) as well as – obviously – providing comprehensive tax support.

a coffee shop owner checks the delivery notes in his bookkeeping folder on the counter of his busy coffee shop and cross checks them with his online accountancy via his laptop at the end of a busy day .
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