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Tax advice

Our tax advisors completely unburden companies with regard to tax matters. Tailored tax advice. Contact us without obligation.


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Tax laws and regulations are complex and are changing all the time.

Our tax advisors will be happy to help, not just with your tax return but also with your income tax, corporate income tax, turnover tax and many other tax issues, by providing clear advice geared to your specific situation. Together, we will look for a satisfactory tax solution that is appropriate for you.

Taxation is intertwined with nearly all facets of business practice, if not of life itself. Whether it involves an acquisition, a restructuring, a foreign investment or a succession issue: nearly every topic has a tax component. Tax legislation is complex and changes all the time. You need assistance and support that goes beyond just the tax return. Newtone can provide you with the best possible advice. Although our (tax) advisors focus on taxation, their weekly tax expertise meetings and intensive consultations with specialists in adjacent fields give them wide-ranging expertise and creativity in finding solutions. After all, as an entrepreneur you need much more than just tax advice: taxes must be integrated into the many facets of business practice.

Corporate income tax (profits tax)

Whether it involves funding your subsidiaries, making optimum use of tax innovation schemes or remunerating your employees in the most tax-efficient way, the financial interests are always substantial. Proper tax advice ensures that all opportunities are exploited and your tax liability is as low as possible. We always keep abreast of the latest developments within your company and can adjust the tax strategy accordingly. Moreover, you do not want any ‘hassle’ with the Tax and Customs Administration. If desired, we therefore offer you a transparent relationship with the tax authorities in the form of horizontal monitoring. We are also happy in that case to help you prepare your corporate income tax return.

Turnover tax (VAT)

VAT is a separate area of expertise. Take, for example, the VAT regulations concerning property developments or property investments, the levy of transfer tax or all formal requirements on the occasion of cross-border trade. The periodic VAT return may also pose a challenge. And did you know that the recipient of a subsidy must sometimes pay VAT on that subsidy?

Our VAT specialists can help you on all fronts. Whether you are dealing with a large property transaction, cross-border supplies of goods or the provision of electronic services, they know all the ins and outs of the VAT rules and can tell you exactly what you need to look out for as an entrepreneur.

What is more, we can offer the services of a customs expert. These perfectly supplement our VAT expertise especially where to cross-border goods transactions are concerned, and he can help you with a multitude of customs issues.

International employment tax and payroll

It is important to keep abreast of the latest developments with regard to your staff, and of the tax consequences they entail. You may have questions about situations occurring at your organisation, such as: Can I keep using the same self-employed persons without tax risks? Are my employment conditions appropriate for the current situation, now that we are moving away from the coronavirus pandemic? Are there better ways of organising my payroll records? How can I remunerate my staff members in the most tax-efficient way and pay less tax? Can I achieve savings on my current workforce?

All these are questions which you can discuss with our wage tax and payroll specialists.

Estate planning

Estate planning involves questions such as: What do you want to happen to your assets? Which persons or organisations should inherit them? Once you know this, we can look at the most tax-efficient way to achieve your objectives. Estate planning is based primarily on civil law, in particular on matrimonial property law and inheritance law, and on succession law. These three legal areas determine the size and composition of an estate. They also affect each other, which often complicates the matter. On top of that, there is tax law: income tax, gift and inheritance tax, transfer tax and finally the inheritance tax return.

For entrepreneurs, the company’s interests are an additional factor. How will the company continue? How has control been arranged? In addition to estate planning upon death, we also increasingly advise our clients on what to do in the event of other emergencies.

Income tax

Each year, the Tax and Customs Administration asks you to submit an income tax return. The Tax and Customs Administration has already completed a large part of this return. However, if you need to declare multiple income components, assets (such as savings accounts, investment portfolios, immovable property, etc.) and deductible items, due care is required and completing the tax return is not always easy. Here, too, there may be opportunities for tax optimisation, for instance by making your annual donation to a charity in the form of a multi-year annuity donation, which will increase possible tax deductions. The Box 3 problems and developments may pose another challenge. We will be happy to help you prepare your tax return.

Entrepreneurs might also like to explore the options at the interface of personal and corporate income tax. This involves aspects such as distributing or retaining profits, customary wage level, and owning immovable property in a private capacity or via a private limited company, but there are many other interesting topics. Our advisors can discuss these with you.

Tax advice in respect of cross-border business transactions

Newtone is a member of the HLB international network and has several specialists in international tax law. All of them were trained and gained experience at leading accounting firms. Whether your question relates to setting up a branch or subsidiary in another country, performing a transfer pricing analysis or making optimum use of the various tax treaties, our tax advisors will always be able to help you when it comes to cross-border business transactions.

Tax return

We prepare all kinds of tax returns for you as an entrepreneur or as an individual. For example, we can prepare your returns in respect of income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, VAT (turnover tax), wage tax (payroll tax forms), corporate income tax and dividend tax. As part of our integrated service provision, the return is often the final piece of an advisory process. The tax return contains the result of our advice.

Objection procedure

What if the tax authorities do not agree to the return filed? In those (rare) cases, we will take care of the objection procedure and any subsequent legal steps. If at all possible, we will prevent litigation by reaching an amicable settlement. In practice, this often produces a favourable result.

If you should be faced with a tax audit, we will be happy to tell you what your rights and obligations are. Obviously, our expert advisors can provide the guidance that will make the audit process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our specialists are at your service

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